Istanbul hosts major contemporary art event

Istanbul is hosting Turkey’s most important contemporary art event. This year the Istanbul Biennial is running under the theme of ‘a good neighbour’ with art that explores the migrant crisis, cultural diversity and environmental changes. Istanbul, September 2017.


Istanbul Pride faces new ban

Brushstroke by brushstroke, Seyhan Arman gets ready to perform in one of her plays during Istanbul’s Pride Week.
She’s a 37-year-old transgender woman who makes a living writing and performing. Arman, who hails from southern Turkey, says she always felt “different.” Istanbul, June 2017.


Turkey coup: Protesters, military on streets of Istanbul

Istanbul residents reacted angrily to Turkish military officers who blocked some highways and main roads in Istanbul following an attempted military coup. Istanbul, July 2016.


National Unity March at Istanbul’s Martyrs’ Bridge

Waving large red Turkish flags, tens of thousands joined a national unity march in Istanbul on Saturday, converging at the iconic July 15 Martyrs’ Bridge to mark the anniversary of the failed military coup attempt that 250 people died resisting. Istanbul, July 2017.


Thousands rally against Turkish vote results

Thousands of ‘no’ vote supporters marched through the streets of Istanbul on Tuesday, protesting against the narrow win for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a referendum granting him greater powers. Istanbul, April 2017.


Istanbul nightclub worker tells of escape

A woman who survived the Istanbul nightclub massacre during New Year’s celebrations told on Wednesday how she survived the attack that left 39 people dead. Istanbul, January 2017, with Gokhan Kosetas.


Turkish Cypriot family differ on reunification

Altan Imamzade, who moved to coastal city of Kyrenia in the Turkish speaking north of Cyprus 40 years ago, thinks that Mediterranean Island of Cyprus should not be reunified. Northern Cyprus, January 2017.


Ancient nomadic life threatened by drought

Arid landscapes and shrinking vegetation in central Anatolia are threatening the lifestyle of one of Turkey’s oldest nomadic groups. Drought in the region is decreasing the amount of grazing land available for goats and camels – forcing families to be constantly on the move to feed their animals.
The Mediterranean Levant region is experiencing the worst drought in 900 years according to research published by NASA earlier this year. Konya and Karaman, Turkey, May 2016, with Bram Janssen.


Captain of the Rhine

A rainy day with Michel Schoenacker, captain of a Rhine ferry shuttling between France and Germany.
Alsace, France, March 2015, with Sophie Guignon.


Kazakh Army: History

Kazakhstan: The army through Soviet and Kazakh traditions.


Witnessing Karlag

Svetlana Alexandrovna tells the story of the largest Gulag labor camps, located in Dolinka village, Karaganda. May 2015, Karaganda, Kazakhstan, with Imke Hamann.